Monday, November 15, 2010

nursery - side table revamp

I'm 40 weeks +2 days and still waiting!

You'll probably get bored of hearing me say that :)

While I wait, I thought I'd show you the before pics of the little side table I picked up for $6 at a garage sale.

It wasn't bad before but we would have had to refinish it regardless. Plus I wanted white in the room so away we went!

Mark sanded it down and then applied a few coats of white paint to match the other furniture in the room. Then I found a cute knob at Anthropologie to punch it up.

Ok, now to find something else to do while I wait! I've already folded the laundry, altered a shirt for Mark, watched The Baby Story, put the dishes away and gone for a walk!

1 comment:

  1. Man...I saw this awesome rocking chair at sally ann a few weeks back, and looking at how that side table turned out, I should have grabbed it. Silly me. :P

    You must be going insane waiting... :p