Friday, November 5, 2010

mat leave - week one

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It's Friday and I just finished week one of two weeks 'vacation' before the Big Arrival. It hasn't really been what I expected, partially because I feel like Stay Puff and I'm afraid to venture off too far from home for fear I'll end up having the baby in the subway or something. I wanted to get so much done during these two weeks but come my first Monday off, I realized that I had pretty much everything done. I did manage to clean my office, which feels GREAT. It was a disaster and driving me batty. I watched some movies (can you believe I cried today watching The Last Song?? I blame the hormones). And today I bought some chicken and pork to marinate and freeze for some of the 40 meals the woman on our hospital tour said we should have prepared.

Mostly, I've watched A LOT of television: The Baby Story and Nate (even though I'm not really a big fan of his new show -- he's a bit too forced for me); I've caught up on Glee and Parenthood...

I've been a bit bored at times, but that's ok because I know my life is going to change dramatically in about a week and I likely won't even know what boredom is once the little guy comes.

We'll see what next week brings! Not sure I can spend another week on the couch but everyone tells me to take it easy and relax so I'll try... Maybe I'll practice putting diapers on my cat...

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