Saturday, September 25, 2010

16 vs 33

I decided to do a comparison shot -- 16 vs 33 weeks. At 16 weeks I couldn't believe I was going to get bigger. At 33 weeks, I can't believe I was ever that small. Oy.



Friday, September 24, 2010

vintage and under budget = win-win

When Mark and I first found out we were pregnant we set a budget. Let me rephrase: Mark set a budget (I don't really know how to do that :)) This baby stuff is expensive... well it can be.

We figured we'd need minimum $200 for a high chair. Now there's something you should know about me: I'm not a big fan of plastic. I know, I know -- everything is plastic but if I can avoid it, I will. Who knows how long it takes to break down in a landfill (if ever). I really didn't want a plastic high chair.

Well a few months ago on my way to my first pre-natal bootcamp, I stopped off at a garage sale. They had all your typical baby things, but tucked away in the corner of the yard was a wooden high chair.

"How old is this?" I asked the woman in charge.

"Well I'm not sure, but it's in pretty good condition, don't you think?!"

It was perfect. I loved the fact that it was old and had some history attached to it. And best of all... it was 20 bucks. Not too shabby! I also picked up a side table for 6 bucks that Mark repainted -- more on that later.

Now I have $180 to spend on something else... right? :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

gettin' tight

Since I was about 16 weeks or so, I've been taking bootcamp classes on Saturday mornings. I'm 31 weeks today and still going -- but man, these workout clothes are gettin' tight...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

glider fabric - check!

I was back and forth on a glider as you know, but in the end I ended up going with The Mom Glider. It's all the rage. Ok it's the one one my Mom has that we grew up with in our living room. It has straight lines, comes with an ottoman and best of all it's free ;). I don't have it yet, but I took some imaginary measurements today and ordered some this Bebe Tint Gray from Alexander Henry fabric to recover the cushions (I don't think brown and orange flowers with brown pleather go with the nursery colour scheme). I wanted something neutral but not too boring so we'll see if it works!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

accessorize this...

We took a trek to Ikea tonight to get a few things for the baby's room. We went originally to check out some storage baskets, but they ended up looking too cheap for me so I took a pass. I'll have to take a trek to HomeSense soon to see what they have.

We did snag some new stuff:

A new ceiling light - something funky for the baby to look at:

A new lamp shade for a lamp I have (I got the green one):

And a fun red clock -- not sure what the baby will need a clock for, but we think it will add a fun punch of colour:

The hubster is putting up the light as we speak. Should be fun putting it together -- all those curves!

Nighty night!