Saturday, May 29, 2010

the bella

I took a 4 month belly shot for my Mom so I though I'd post it up here. I'm wearing my new maternity yoga gear for my belly bootcamp I'm heading off to today. It's so comfortable I think I'm going to wear it every day for the next 5 months.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

see ya later jeans

I wore my jeans to work today and by the end of the day the button was folded over and kind of going sideways squishing into my belly. I think it's time to throw in the towel and start wearing the maternity stuff which is fine really because it's soooo comfortable. See ya later jeans. May we one day meet again.... hopefully.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

stroller shopping

(via ohdeedoh)

Mark and I looked at a few strollers today. This one will not be on the list. I can barely ride a normal scooter, how am I supposed to ride one with a kid attached?

my baby has hiccups

Well I can't say for sure but that's what my 15 week update says today. It also says this little thing fits in the palm of my hand -- craziness.

Friday, May 21, 2010

an ode to jersey knit

So I'm a jeans girl; that's all I wear around the house (I work at home), on the weekends, at work some days, wherever. But since I've started to gain a few pounds, that little metal button that keeps my pants up (no problem here) has been nagging me to wear something else and keeps poking my belly. My jeans still fit, but I need to be comfortable. Enter the best fabric known to humanity: jersey knit. And in my case it just happens to be grey jersey knit. For the past week I've been living in a wondrous grey jersey knit skirt from lululemon and a heavenly grey jersey knit dress from gap. I'm in heaven.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

midwife vs ob

Way before I got pregnant, I made a decision to have a midwife instead of an ob. I'm sure I sound like a typical first-time prego when I say that I really want to try to do this thing without any meds. No epidural. Nada. I'm not trying to be a hero, which is what I hear people saying about people that don't want drugs, it's just that the thought of getting a gigantic needle stuck into my spine freaks me out way more than the thought of the pain caused by childbirth. That being said I am very open to the possibility of such things occurring. We shall see.

I also really like the fact that I know my midwife, or her partner, will be delivering my baby. So many times I hear of women loving their ob only to have someone completely new in the delivery room. Midwives, from what I hear, spend more time with their patients, and make more time to answer questions.

What do you think? Why did you choose one over the other?

Monday, May 17, 2010

custom birth announcements

I love this custom birth plaque by raedunn that was featured on ohdeedoh this week. It's so classy and would be perfect for any room in the house really. So sweet.

With Child or WC for Short

Yeah so I'm With Child as they used to say in the early 1800s or so and I decided to start yet another blog about it. Why not? Over the next 6 months or so I'm going to be researching loads of stuff for the little one so why not share it with you?

Here's a pic of the little alien if you'd like to see it. I think it's funny when people say the pic is cute, especially when you can see it's spinal cord and brain.

Stay Tuned for more posts on the little one!

-lealou momma