Tuesday, May 18, 2010

midwife vs ob

Way before I got pregnant, I made a decision to have a midwife instead of an ob. I'm sure I sound like a typical first-time prego when I say that I really want to try to do this thing without any meds. No epidural. Nada. I'm not trying to be a hero, which is what I hear people saying about people that don't want drugs, it's just that the thought of getting a gigantic needle stuck into my spine freaks me out way more than the thought of the pain caused by childbirth. That being said I am very open to the possibility of such things occurring. We shall see.

I also really like the fact that I know my midwife, or her partner, will be delivering my baby. So many times I hear of women loving their ob only to have someone completely new in the delivery room. Midwives, from what I hear, spend more time with their patients, and make more time to answer questions.

What do you think? Why did you choose one over the other?


  1. As someone who wishes to BE a midwife at some point, I know what side of the fence I'll land on. :)

    My OB spent 5 mins an appt with me-pee test, BP, weight. That was it. AND ended up being on vacation both times I delivered. So it was pointless. Luckily, aside from problems after birth, I was mostly fine anyway. You should get more time from a midwife, and frankly, if it keeps you out of a medical environment more, then good. :) (also-search out Ina May Gaskin's writing. Great stuff)

    I had one with the epi, one without. Now, I give birth SUPER fast (as in, dangerous, would be dead 150 years ago fast), but honestly, I recovered better without the epi, and while I will remember the ring of fire for the rest of my life, it was better. SOOO much better. (on the other hand, when you're being battered from the inside, you don't feel the needle one bit. And I was totally freaked about the idea)

    Keep an open mind, and don't become too attached to one way. Birth is nature's way of reminding you that you have NO control over things, and is a lesson for the rest of your life with kids :P (And if you have any weird questions or anything, you know where to find me. I'm a nut for this stuff. :D)

  2. Thanks for your comment Jada! I'm definitely keeping an open mind because I know how things go for sure. Can't count on any one thing.

  3. I had an OB, mostly because I was extremely concerned given my family history with chromosomal issues and I felt at the time that I needed the reassurance of every possible test available to me/piece of equipment at the hospital should an issue come up. I loved my OB, but did not end up getting him when it came time to deliver. My hospital experience in all honestly was not what I had imagined...birth plan completely out the window. I agree with the PP re: no control over things. My type A personality got an extreme wakeup call beginning with my labor and birth. I didn't rush for the epidural right away but then it turned out Andrew was turned weird and I was having incredible back labor, so I ended up getting one. But I do feel that once you start an intervention, it's a slippery slope into more. The epidural slowed my labor, so then more pitocin was needed. I ended up getting too many drugs that didn't wear off when they were "supposed to" so I could feel nothing when it came time to push. I ended up being *this* close to having a c-section...narrowly avoided with some foreceps. Yeah, not in the plan.
    So, we'll see the next time around, if we are ever blessed with another! Brandy had a midwife for both and loved, loved her...

  4. Thanks for your comment Jen -- I had a feeling it was you!!! ;)

  5. Uh ya I guess "Andrew" gave it away LOL