Monday, November 1, 2010

and I'm off!

Sundays are usually bittersweet for me because it's still the weekend: I get to sleep in with my hubby, eat a yummy breakfast, and read the paper with my coffee while listening to oldies. But after Sunday, comes Monday, which means work...until today. Today was my first official Monday that I didn't have to work. I'm on maternity leave! Well technically I have two weeks of vacation until my maternity leave officially starts. THEN the baby is due and the real work kicks in ;).

I thought today would feel a lot different than it did, but when you work at home like I do, it's really just a matter of doing other things besides sitting down to work from 8:30-5. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do for the next 2 weeks. I do have to tidy my office -- it's a disaster; and I also have to finish a few things here and there in the nursery; but really the next 2 weeks will be for relaxing. To be honest, I can't do much -- this bella is gettin' big folks. If I walk around for 30 mins, my groin starts to pull, the baby feels like it's going to fall out and I have to pee. I think I'll be sticking really close to home.

Whatever I do, I'm sure the next two weeks will fly by which is fine by me because I'll be that much closer to meeting our sweet little guy. Can't wait!

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