Monday, January 3, 2011

tummy time and cradle cap

Leo enjoying some tummy time with Herman the Horse

I know it doesn't hurt them, but man cradle crap is kind of gross don'tcha think? My poor little Leo has it kind of bad but I've been told it goes away. We put almond oil on his head and kind of brushed it off with a cloth and then I peeled away a bit more but I don't think I'll do that anymore. I kind of feel like a momma ape picking nits off her baby... OH well I'm sure it'll be gone sometime. What have you done to get rid of cradle cap and when did it go away?

On a more positive note, Leo seems to like tummy time for about 10 mins and then he starts freaking out and I think he's going to roll over he's so mad. I put this little pillow thing under him so he can be a bit more upright while on his tummy. It seems to help him last a bit longer. We're having lots of fun together -- my goal is to do something like this every day with him and read him a book or two a day so he can get used to reading. I want him to be as obsessed with reading as I am so we can spend hours at the library :).

Ok off to feed the little guy (again!)

Have a great Monday!


  1. What a cutie. I put baby oil on his head, left it for hours, and hours. He looks ridiculously greasy but it softened it up. I then took a soft brush (a nail brush kind of with soft brissles) and rubbed at his head. A friend had another recipe that she swore by, if you'd like it, let me know. But I think it bothers us, more than it bothers them (as you pointed out!) xo Linds

  2. Awww man, poor baby noggin! I had to google cradle cap bc I didn't know what it was...I'd be such a picker! I'd probably scar the baby for life :)

  3. @Lindsay - good to know you left it on for that long and it seemed to work! I'll try that.

    @Shannon -- I'm a picker -- I feel like I'm picking off dry skin after being burned from tanning too long -- ugh! Not sure it's the best solution. I think I'll stick to the oil and brush.

  4. We're having the same issue with the cradle cap. We have a special shampoo, but I think you have to use it more frequently than we have. Also, I know you're not supposed to pick at it because you can leave little wounds, but it's hard not too!
    Hudson only just started enjoying tummy time this week (he's 16 weeks old). It's like a switch went off, and suddenly he's a pro! So fun to see!