Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leo - 1 Month

I really cannot believe that 1 whole month ago I gave birth to this sweet little person. Leo, it has been such a joy to have you in our lives. You have been such a great baby (letting Mommy and Daddy sleep!).

In this past month, we've discovered many things about you. You sleep best when swaddled and wearing a toque; you seem to like tummy time, you don't much like getting into your car seat, but once you're there you sleep soundly. You keep a tight schedule for feeding and, like Mommy, get very grumpy when you're hungry. You like to do squat exercises with Daddy (you'll be a triathlete in no time!). Sadly (for Mommy mostly), we've discovered you have a bit of an intolerance for dairy so no more cheesy pizza for us for awhile!

You're so very sweet and I look forward to seeing all the fun and exciting things we'll discover in the next month!

Love Mom

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