Sunday, August 29, 2010

what's in a name?

So we're about 11 weeks away from this little guy coming into the world and we don't have a name solidified yet. Yeah I know... some people have challenges with this right up until and after the baby is born, but I'm hoping to find a name soon! I've been looking at a lot of lists, but this is the coolest one I've found yet. It's a list of names that have my last name. I don't even know how I found it, but I intend to study it closely.

Did you have a difficult time naming your kids?

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  1. Being a Jennifer, I was dead set against naming A something that he'd be one of a million in his class. While Andrew isn't out of the ordinary, it's not really common among his age group. Someone once told me, "put 'The Right Honourable'" in front of the name. If it sounds good, go with it! LOL Have you seen the Baby Wizard book? That one really helped us narrow it down. The "name voyager" thing on their website is really cool:

  2. LOL :) I chose my own name.. this is one of the benefits of being an immigrant in Canada! :)

  3. Ha! Hmm I wonder what the baby would name himself?? :)