Tuesday, July 27, 2010

six month update

Here's the bella at 6 months! Mark took this in Chicago. Here's what I've learned so far:
  • Don't drink any liquids if you know you won't be near a washroom any time soon

  • Don't drink any liquids if you're going to bed and don't want to wake up 4 times a night

  • People will let you get away with more things when you're pregnant -- they feel sorry for you. For example, I went to a Cubs game and wanted to bring my water bottle in and they said no because it could harm someone if I threw it. I said "Do you think a pregnant person would throw a bottle at someone?" They believed me -- little do they know pregnant people have raging hormones.

  • It sometimes feels like your baby is kicking you in the va-jj. This feeling is evermore present when your bladder is full

  • People will always be smaller or bigger than you no matter when they are due. I just found out a woman in my yoga class is due 3 days before me with TWINS and she's waaay smaller than me. And that's ok.

I think that's all I've learned so far. ;) I'm sure more will come...

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